Frequently Asked Questions

These are original paintings; each is unique and different – even on paintings where the subject matter has been repeated. No one else will ever have the same painting. I could tell you exactly what inspired me and what I was thinking for each and every painting.

How are they painted?

All of the paintings are oil paint either on canvas or linen. Nothing else has the same glow as oil paint. For larger paintings or paintings with lots of detail I prefer to use linen, it’s much smoother and doesn’t get in the way of the brushstrokes. Working from a photo, I build up the painting slowly using many layers of paint to get just the right look.

How long does a painting take to make?

Some smaller paintings can sometimes be done in a day or two. Larger paintings can take many weeks.

How can I contact the artist about making a purchase?

I can be contacted by phone, email, or regular mail. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments.

Is the art framed? What if I need it framed? How much will that cost?

Most of the paintings are already framed, and this is reflected in the price. They are “gallery wrapped” which means the edges can be exposed if you prefer to hang them unframed. I prefer to use a “floating frame” which sits just off the edge of the painting and prevents the frame from visually confining the painting, but you are free to frame it however you would prefer.

What about shipping, and costs? What is the turnaround time? Is the artwork insured?

Shipping rates will depend on the size of the painting and destination. I use FedEx whenever possible, as I find they are faster and safer. Paintings will ship within two weeks of your purchase and are always fully insured.

How should I install the art? Does it come with instructions for hanging?

All paintings, regardless of whether they are framed or not, are wired and ready to hang.  Included in the box will be two picture hooks and hanging instructions.

Do you offer a guarantee?

I guarantee both the authenticity (included with every painting is documentation) and the craftsmanship. Should you ever have any problems with your purchase, contact me, and I will make it right.

What if I am looking for a gift?

Artwork makes a great gift; it truly shows the thought and care you put into the purchase.  I am happy to help you find a piece for that special someone.

Can I hang the work in sunlight? Will it fade?

Intense direct sunlight is never a good thing, but moderate sunlight is fine and won’t cause the painting to fade.

How do I care for the artwork?

Aside from a gentle dusting every so often, there is nothing you need to do. Oil paintings have been around for hundreds of years and are quite durable. Avoid very moist areas that could cause the back of the painting to mildew.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have.


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