new work

Barley Column - Ringling Museum
New painting “Barley Twist Column”, oil on linen, 40″ x 60″
Detail from one of the column in the courtyard at Ringling Museum in Sarasota, FL

New painting. I was drawn to the richness and variety of color and the interplay of horizontal bricks and curved arches. It’s small at 16″ x 12″, but I think I managed to capture all of the intricacies.

paintingNew painting: 12″ x 24″. From a photo taken at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. Something about the strong blue and red against the muted yellows was really beautiful.

Another new work: 16″ x 12″. I liked the repetition of the arches and exaggerated the interplay of blues and browns.

“Barcelona”, 16″ x 20″ Based on a photo taken in Spain almost 10 years ago. Composition I’ve wanted to paint for a long time, but didn’t feel right until now.


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