HeadShotWhy do I choose to paint architecture? The answer is that the subject matter chose me. The interplay of light, the geometry of the architecture, and the material (marble, granite, limestone) all combine in a way that I find endlessly fascinating.

Every oil painting that I create depicts a real place, most of which I have personally visited. I prefer to stand in the environment myself. It gives me the mood of a space, which I can then capture in my paintings. The Dutch masters, particularly Rembrandt, have influenced my approach to color and light.

I have visited and painted many places over and over again. When the light changes, the mood and energy also change. I especially love the monolithic scale and grandeur that large gothic and Romanesque structures convey.

No doubt these things are also what draw you to my work.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll see different things every time you look at them: color combinations, patterns. They might even remind you of places you’ve been to yourself. Collectors of my work say that this connection brings back memories every time they see my paintings.

The architectural scale and grandeur in my work adds elegance and permanence to commercial and residential spaces.

My paintings have been successful in lending gravitas to office environments, as the images help to convey your own rock solid business. These images put clients at ease, knowing that like the architecture, you’ll be around for a long time. My work connects the past to the present in your home or work space in a classic, timeless way.  Please click here to read about my process and faqs, and please visit my commission page here if you are interested in having a custom painting created just for you or your business.

Visit the galleries on this website to see my original oil paintings in person, or contact me to discuss a commission to be created especially for your home or office space


1992     B.A. Wheaton College

Select Solo Exhibitions
2014    530 Burns Gallery, Sarasota FL
2013    530 Burns Gallery, Sarasota FL
2011    530 Burns Gallery, Sarasota FL

Select Group Exhibitions
2013     “Incognito” – Friends of Art
The Patty & Jay Baker Naples Museum of Art
The Philharmonic Center of the Arts – Daniel Pavilion, Naples FL
2012     “Timeless” Susan Calloway Fine Art, Washington DC
2011      “Layered Approach” Eisenhauer Gallery, Edgartown MA
“Incognito” – Friends of Art
The Patty & Jay Baker Naples Museum of Art
The Philharmonic Center of the Arts – Daniel Pavilion, Naples FL
2010      North Water Gallery, Edgartown MA
Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples FL
2009      North Water Gallery, Edgartown MA
2008      North Water Gallery, Edgartown MA
2007      North Water Gallery, Edgartown MA

Select Collections
Kelley Drye & Warren LLP, New York NY

Select Biographies
Frenn, Chawky, 100 Boston Painters, Schiffer Books, Atglen PA 2012
Arujo, Karla, “The Reverential Oil Paintings of Jonathan Ralston”, Vineyard Style, Spring, pg.19


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